Monday, September 3, 2007

Boredom At School

NOTE:I LURVE school, every bit of it..the lunch breaks, the lessons, but there always will be one or two exceptions to the latter category and this is in honour of one of them, once again-actually written IN one of those periods on paper which I took the teacher's permission to borrow :p

Imagination can deal with it they say,
Perception can completely change the way
Anything you dislike appears to be-
Use them as tools,
Either to build a world of fantasies, never to be broken;
Or to mould those droning tones into a many-chambered vessel
Hiding secrets waiting to be found.
But oh! it isn't easy, for you can never see
Or sense a situation in reality
If you look upon it with aloof practicality.

When you wish to fly away upon the "Wings of Poesy",
When you yearn to melt into the haunting twilight,
When you cry out to be borne by the waves of music,
To feel the wind's soft caress against your cheek,
To be lulled into a slumber awake with dreams-
Strange shadows and echanting sound
Flitting in and out of your mind
Teasing hearing, teasing sight....

YOU CANNOT! For your brain is dulled-
Every pore and every furrow
Clogged with shrill monotony,
The predictable rise and fall,
The dreariness and strain of it all,
Knowing it'll be the same tomorrow.
What pushes you to the brink of sleep
Itself wrenches you back from that abyss deep,
That abyss you would die to plunge into
As you remain teetering on the edge,
Seemingly bound by some dreadful pledge
To wallow in those words of dull precision.

Worse than having nothing to do
(for there you can be helped by imagination )
Having to do what completely destroys you,
You are a writhing, whining, weak slave to...

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Maximum Boy said...

some lines in between are amazing.
otherwise "bleh". the lines in between are amazing. only some of them