Saturday, September 1, 2007

Ode To Your Brownies(for my friend Aditi Das)

I shall never forget that fateful day when you had gone out of the classroom
During the ten-minute break, and left behind on your chair-
Your small, round, suplementary tiffin box,
That presented a sight at which I could only stare.

In the metal containter that lay glistening in the light
Of sunbeams dancing on the shining steel-
Were five little brownies-crisp, thick and brown,
Tantalising to smell, and soft to feel.

Not dry and crumbly as is the norm
Nor gooey as cakes are often apt to be,
But a delicate, subtle blend of them all
Adding to the allure, the aura of mystery.

I had no time to entertain doubts of right or wrong.
No time even, to feel fear for the consequences, at the discovery of my forthcoming act.
The stealing of food (and not even for survival)
Was punishable, I knew for a fact.

Of course I could have asked for your permission
But the temptation was too strong, too great.
Papillae, salivary glands, olfactory nerve, iris and epithelium all in overload,
I picked up a brownie which with animal-ferocity I ate!

Oh! Every mouthful was as heavenly to me
As to a bare, bleak canvas is a splash of plaint;
Warm honey trickling into a dry, empty hive;
Cool water to a tiger, thirsty and faint.

You weren't the least bit annoyed when you caught me red-handed.
Having had prior knowledge of your mother's superior baking skills,
You were radiating that soft glow of satisfaction
That with which the heart, deserved admiration fills.

“For oft, when on my couch I lie in vacant or in pensive mood”
Your brownies are what restore my good cheer!
“They flash upon that inward eye which is the bliss of solitude”
And remind me just how much food is dear.

4 beep/s:

Vikrant said...

i actually liked it though i confess i didnt read all of it..
wish mihir ever fed me brownies..

btw he isnt talking to me because i called him a black hideous bastard..

Maximum Boy said...

if only it wasnt written for the brownies.

Death On Two Legs said...

What the HELL do you mean Mihir Sanghavi?

Maximum Boy said...

did i say, i love every post except for this one? Must be because i was never fed brownies...