Saturday, September 1, 2007

Monday Morning Hues

Its by me, and a friend of mine whose name begins with a B. It was composed during a particularly insufferable period at school when someting interesting was being crucified by the teacher. We made it mushy on purpose.

Me: I'll meet you Monday morning, don't let me down
B: Under the breaking sky, the fading glimmer of stars
Me: When the cool blue is tinged with the faint blush of the early hours
B: Promises that weren't made to be broken, come back to me from that Autumn brown.

Me: While the rest of the world groans about the dreary seven days ahead,
B: You and I darling, you and I will meet again.
Me: Forget the pain of our wait, distance ourselves from the world of men.
B: One moment of intimacy, one moment that is ours, on which light will finally be shed.

Me: I see our strength rising, with the rise of the burning disc.
B: Mistakes are made so very often, such moments, are so very rare-
Me: With our moment let no mistake unthinkingly interfere
B: Secret was our love, silent our moans, it is now time to take the risk.

Seperate we must, but this time not separate for eternity.
When the unfurling of the blazing streaks of gold does start,
We will return to our homes, to life, each with feverishly beating heart,
Yet deep down, a peaceful hope of security and serenity.

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