Thursday, September 27, 2007

You May Say I’m A Dreamer

The azure fades into a white so pale
It seems to have no hue.
Gradually the white begins to darken.
A smooth silvery-blue
Appears and then a steely-grey.

The clouds gather… they look like they’re spun from wisps of dreams-
A gently swirling mass, playfully tweaked by the wind’s soft breath.
I wish could ride on them and float away-
To nowhere in particular.

They move so slowly they seem to lie still
Or is it the world that’s moving too fast?
I think the clouds are as they should be.

Suddenly one catches my eye-
Silhouetted against the sky
It seems to take a well-known shape-
An urn… no wait! A swan…not a swan…
The swishing skirt of a pearly-grey gown...
I look harder… oh… it’s just a cloud.

A moment ago it was my dream.

The wind rises, and so does my heartbeat
I feel a rush of blood to the head.
And a cold rush of air against my face
Causing goosebumps to arise.

A rumble of thunder makes me shiver with delight.
As the fork of white fire tears through the sky
For a second the world is violently violet
Branded with streaks of electric pink and blood red
The black shadows lined with blinding light.

And then comes the rain-
Sweet release from the pain
Of problems persistent, petty and mundane!
With every drop, the tears of my soul find an escape from their cowardly refrain.

It totters between
A soft drizzle and a torrential shower
And I swing from a sleep serene
To boundless ecstasy.

As the spray of raindrops sprinkled by the breeze
(A spray as light as stray thoughts)
Films my bare cheek with a silky mist
My heart is lulled to a restful trance.

In the air hangs thick
The musky fragnance of moist earth and wild flowers.
A lone bird’s call pervades the calm.
Down the steaming
Dust-choked streets the raindrops are streaming.
And I… I who was dreaming
Am dreaming still.
I will always be dreaming.

2 beep/s:

Clezevra said...

too many poems on your blog... why the sudden craze for poetry? Not too bad, but far too long (i quote vikram seth)

Maximum Boy said...

interesting. very.