Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Dumbledore is gay. Whoopee!

Dumbledore, without doubt is my favourite character from Harry potter(along with the Weasely twins.) He's my offical adopted grandpa. All along, I've idolised him for his genius, his wisdom and experience, his courage, his style, dignity and charisma, his way of looking through people and perceiving the minutest details. I've LOVED him for his warmth, for the protective, paternal air about him. And suddenly Rowling decided that she wants to make him "human", and decides that the best way to do so is by introcuding "human complexities."

As it is, I was very disappointed to discover that she'd projected young Dumbledore as a power-hungry, unbalanced teenager. But I accepted it, looked at it objectively and decided that it did make him more interesting. Besides, his turning over a new leaf only showed him to be all the more conscientous and resolute.

But now she springs this bombshell upon us. Dumbledore is gay. I'll be 100% frank. I much prefer straight men to gay men, but for the sheer dint of the fact that their manliness is what makes them appealing. It is true that my mind and body is tuned in a certain way, so my comfort level with homosexuals wouldn't be as high as with those who are straight. But that has VERY little weight with me. I love Ellen Degeneres and Elton John, even more so because they have the guts to openly declare their sexuality. I don't have any problems being friends with someone whose secual orientation isn't the same as mine. BUT; with Dumbledore it's a different matter altogether.

Over a long period of time, I've followed Dumbledore through the first 6 years at Hogwarts; grown with him and loved him for what he'd been projected as. I've come to associate certain characteristics and a specific persona with him. I practically hero-worship him for being a pillar of strength, tenderness and composure. And I don't want him to change in ANY way. Making him gay strikes a very jarring note.

What absolutely disgusts me, is that she had NO intention of portraying him as gay when she was writing the series. The papers say that a large number of fans had questioned his sexual orientation but it's a minute number as compared to the whole. MOREOVER, some fans will conjecture anything. Some of the Harry Potter fan-fiction is just outrageous. Just because some kids with a lot of spare time on their hands, and muddled heads, thought Dumbledore was gay, is NO proof that the novels hinted at it.

I realised that she stopped writing the series for kids with the advent of book 6. That's alright. It does cause complications when 8 yr olds who've read half the series, suddenly encounter pages that talk about making out and the like, but I like the idea of a maturing Harry. However, she needn't have done this.

This is NOTHING but an effort to regenerate interest in brand Harry Potter. The legal squabble over the Hogwarts Pujo Pandal is more than sufficient proof of that. She might as well ask for money from a little boy who wanders down the street in spectacles, a fake scar and a wizard hat. And as for the last book... a literary effort has rarely left such a weak impression on me. I started out determined to like it, but was forced to accept that it reads like a masala movie script. It's SO devoid of emotion, maturity, complexity and any of the finer touches that characterised her earlier works. Contrast Percy's departure in Book 5 with his reunion is Book 7. I was SCANDALISED at the way she brought about the death of Lupin, Tonks and Fred, 3 of my favourite characters. I didn't think she would stoop so low.

The fall of an idol (I'm talking about Rowling) is always distressing. Guess the only people we should look upto are ourselves.

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Vikrant said...

my feelings exactly.
The last few novels were pretty dissapointing but I didn't expect something like this although I've had this sinking feeling ever since I read the 3o yrs later(?!!)ending of the last novel.

Death On Two Legs said...

"30 years later."

Oh yes...GOD that was cheesy.

Prince of Mirkwood said...

Watch out Harry! Dumbledore's wand may be powerful but you've no idea where that's been....

j.dark said...

No offense, but it is extremely disturbing to imagine DUMBLEDORE having buttsex or something. WHY DUMBLEDORE? That's just weird.

Ash said...

But Dumbledore is a celibate ne. Regardless of the sexuality. So eh..yeah,am one of the jobless people who suspected he was gay :)) :P

PS- yeah,the 30 year thing was cheesy.
But I loved the last book.