Thursday, January 24, 2008

If this is what I think of during free periods, I need therapy

I’m sitting in my classroom,
It’s a winter morning (though the biting cold
Has given way to indifferent neutrality)


The sky is indifferent; it is of no colour,
Not even white.
It is indifferent to the fact
That its colourless glare hurts my eyes.
The wind is indifferent,
It blows weakly at irregular intervals,
Failing to refresh, failing to sting,
But is doesn’t care.
The surrounding buildings are indifferent;
Their stark walls are dotted
With numerous windows that stare
With a blank gaze.

I look around.
The classroom comprises of little pockets, little worlds.
To the right, a group is indulging in some exciting gossip;
Snatches of laughter, oscillations between whispers and shouts
Come floating to my ears.
Out of the corner of my eye
I catch some wild gesturing
Behind me, a cluster of girls are practising a shloka
For republic day.
The chair beside me is empty.
Strange… it wasn’t, a moment ago.
I never realised when she left.
In the front row, a girl is studying feverishly,
Another is talking to the substitute teacher.
Our teacher is absent. Why?
I don’t know, don’t care.
I’m indifferent. We all are.

But this substitute teacher has taught me before.
Our eyes meet, and she smiles at me.
I find my face mirroring her smile.

This isn’t indifference now, is it?

A chain of random thoughts unwind in my head.
I close my eyes, in reminiscence
And then I hear it-
The chatter emanating from different groups
At different volumes and pitches
Has blended into a steady hum.
The strains of the shloka come wafting through the hum,
Like a river meandering through smooth, bare sand.
An energy is pulsating through the classroom.
I must admit it's all rather beautiful.

When I open my eyes, I sense that something's changed.
Suddenly it strikes me! Someone has pulled down the blinds.
The sunlight was hurting her eyes too.

We're all different, yes.
But did I say INdifferent?
I was being a glum little fool.
It's strange how I feel at peace now.

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Clezevra said...

Hey, that's actually clever. better than impossible, i'm possible stuff.