Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Who are you stranger? Do I know you?
Have we met before?
If not, how did I wake up one morning
With your name echoing in my ears?
Why else, would the days that followed
Be haunted by the thought of you?
Why is the thought of you like a forbidden pleasure
That fills me with guilt?
Stranger, your face is in shadow,
Sometimes I think I see it's glimpses.
Will you let me see your face?
Will you let me kiss it?
Sranger, I think I love you,
Though I'm not sure. Isn't it funny?
But I want to meet you stranger.
Stranger, I need to meet you.
You're like the broken memories
Of a dream that lingers,
A dream that troubles me vaguely,
But one I can't remember.
You're like the tune of a song
That's been playing in my head,
But how and when I learnt it,
What it's name is, I forget.
Stranger, sometimes I wish you'd leave me,
Walk out without a trace.
Ease my formless fears
Instead of teasing me this way.
Sometimes I wish you'd leave me,
'Cos i'm just a little worried-
I don't think I'm quite ready
To have you show yourself.
But more than anything is my desire
To know you, dear stranger.
Stranger your face is in shadow,
Sometimes I think I see it's glimpses.
Stranger, I think I love you.
Yes, I'm almost sure I love you.
Stranger, show me your face.
Stranger, let me kiss your face.

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