Monday, January 21, 2008

A Fairytale for Romance-Starved Adolescents :P

*Rhyme scheme stolen from the great Tennyda (Alfred, Lord Tennyson. And yes, we're on brother-sister terms)
*Written in honour of a rather unstable friend completing a year of her current relationship and still going strong.
*This is the first time she has completed a year.
*This relationship was preceded by a string of unsuccesful ones.
*The poem is intentionally corny
*The theme is hackneyed, but it is a portrayal of the real-life situation. Coming up with 'original' themes is a classy way of lying.

In an enchanted forest, deep and dark,
Where the sunlight one does mark
As a dancing golden spark
On every leaf, as ripples on the bark;
There is a clearing unvisited, unseen.
There in that clearing, little fountains do spring
And run off into brooks that sing
In harmony with the birds on shimmering wing.
There in that clearing, lives a fairy queen.

She lives among others of her kind.
Beautiful creatures all! Light-footed as the wind,
Flitting through the shadows, difficult to find;
(Once spotted, they haunt the chambers of your mind)
In that clearing, rarely visited or seen.
Fresh and innocent, like the laugh of a child,
Yet with the vibrance of a dance heady and wild;
The fairies are such, and the least mild
But the most captivating is the fairy queen.

Have you not heard the magical tale
Of how her true love she did avail?
Oh readers I implore you, do not fail
To listen to the events that did unveil
Themselves in the clearing unvisited, unseen.
They were unexpected, for with her beauty she did entrance
All princes, gnomes, elves; at their admiring glance
Her radiance grew, her charm did enhance.
Yet she never lost her heart to them, the fairy queen.

Unfortunately, it was that fairy’s way,
To look upon love as play.
Rather vain, she allowed herself to sway
From one romance to the next that lay
Open in the clearing unvisited, unseen.
And the one that most attracted her, she would trap
In a magical bubble; but to add to his mishap-
When his looks would tire her, the spell would snap
And he would be dropped at the feet of the fairy queen.

One day, the queen had a lover new-
And though with blind passion he declared he’d be true,
Somehow, he was different from the rest she knew-
A fairy lad of quiet strength, like whom there weren’t two
In that clearing unvisited, unseen.
He was simple and good, but burnt with a fire-
Of conviction and self-belief; our queen did desire
Him. He was plain, not born of a higher
Rank than our capricious fairy queen.

She thought this was yet another game.
To the flighty maiden, this was to be the same
As all others; drunk on her own loveliness and fame
She attempted to trap him without remorse or shame.
This had grown usual in the clearing unvisited, unseen.
She cast her wand and uttered the incantation.
The bubble did appear but to her confusion-
It trapped them both! In unison
Were caught the lover and the fairy queen.

Suddenly in a flash she saw the light!
Could it be that she was right?
Unbelievable! But surely the spell gone wrong, her breathing tight,
Her rapid heartbeat, were all signs that despite
Her intentions, she had found true love in the clearing unvisited, unseen.
As though to confirm her belief,
The wind that rustled bough and leaf,
Brought forth to her relief
The sound of wedding bells to the ears of the fairy queen.

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