Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I Saw You Standing

I saw you standing at the bend of the road.

The curve of the path was smooth,
A softly winding trail of dust,
Making it's way through the gold and rust
Of a sun-drenched field
One sleepy autumn afternoon.

But all my eyes saw,
Were the firm lines of your jaw-
Clean, and sweeping.
The straightness of your nose
The unconsciously arrogant tilt of your chin.
Those sharp angles cut deep into me,
And gasping for breath, I smiled,
Loving them more than I loved
The smooth curve of the path.

The wind blew, deliciously cool,
With a slight sting of ice.
The dry leaves trembled,
Clinging to the boughs that
Rocked them.
Some were dislodged;
And floated to the ground
With gentle twirls.

As the trees rustled and swayed,
Whispering their delight to each other,
I trembled to think what it would feel like
To be entangled in your wild curls-
Black flames leaping on the wind,
Scorching a heart that beats as wildly
As they blow.

2 beep/s:

VelocityGirl (tm) said...

you know what I think?
I think,
you were thinking,
of Jimmy da
when you
posted this.

You know what else I think?
I think
I may just be

Death On Two Legs said...

thou art effing correct