Wednesday, May 14, 2008

help! an officially superficial and cliched post :'(

This is an example of the shallow means we resort to when we suffer from Writer's Block

A is for addas, Al Pacino, Audrey Hepburn, Agatha Christie, Aliens, Appy Fizz and American Idol

B is for Blogs, Bongos, Biriyani, Barir Ranna, Bob Dylan and Barack Obama

C is for Chocolate, Coffee, Cake, Cherries, Christmas, Cameras, Calvin and Hobbes, Constellations, Crystal, Cats (especially Big Cats) and Crows, ‘Chasing Cars’, Chatto (my elective English tutor).

D is for Debating, Dogs, large, furry, bouncy ones; and ‘Daddy Long-Legs’ by Jean Webster

E is for Elective English, Eric Clapton, Europe and Eagles

F is for Facebook *blushes*, Fast Food, Fests, Forests, Football (not the American-crap), and Flamenco (I’d marry those skirts!)

G is for Guitars, the Godfather (Vito and Michael, and Movie) George Clooney, Garfield and Germany

H is for Handball, Horses, Harry Potter (excluding book 7)

I is for Italian cuisine, Ice-cream, Ice-cream Soda and my ipod

J is for Jeans, Jim Morrison, Jimmy Page, John Lennon, Janis Joplin, Johnny Depp, Julia Roberts and Judie Dench

K is for Kolkata, Koalas, Kangaroos and Kisses

L is for Limewire, Limca, the ‘Lotus Buds’ (MHS school magazine), Live Aid/8

M is for the Moon, Mark Knopfler, Mist, Magic, Mountains, Magnets, Meryl Streep, Mobius Strips, Modern High School, my Mother and Myself

O is for the Ocean and Orchids

P is for Psychology, Pink Floyd, Pastels (object and shade), Pehla Nasha, the bengali writer Parashuram, the Powerpuff Girls, Platypi and Polar Bears

Q is for Queen (yeah, the Freddie Mercury one), Quetzels

R is for Richard Gere, Rabindranath Tagore, the Romantics, Randomess

S is for Sylvia Plath, Shrek, Stationery, Swords, Storms, Swimming Pools, Sad Jokes and Sunsigns

T is for Trampolines, Trapezes, Tulips, the Telephone, the Tyrannosaurus Rex, Tom and Jerry, Tom Hanks, T.S Eliot and Ted Hughes

U is for Uno (the card-game)

V is for Vampires, the sexy kind

W is for the Wall, Welham Girls School (yep Sahana, you saw right), Wolves, Water and Walt Disney

X is for Xeroxes and X-Men

Y is for YOU (since you’ve actually bothered to read down to this letter)

Z is for ZOINNKKKKK…. ‘cos it sounds sho vunderphool!!