Saturday, July 12, 2008

I am generally believed to be one of those tranquil, sunshiny people who look upon the world with a rather benevolent attitude. And today, I actually feel like one. Yes, I feel good about myself and all around me. Hence, my first pointless blogpost in prose.

I think a test is almost always postponed when I need it to be.

For a change, my cats' behaviour towards each other is devoid of incestuous or murderous instincts.

I have realised that a random assortment of bytes has no right to judge my attributes or allow me to compare my friends. Therefore I have deleted the Compare People application. And no it is NOT a case of sour grapes as my rankings were quite satisfactory.

I am currently not in love with anyone. Not even a celebrity. Pure lust, sisterly affection or a healthy admiration is all I can feel for men at the moment and I am very happy to let it be that way.

I have also discovered that I am truly open-minded. D.H. Lawrence, Maugham, Oscar Wilde, I can now look you in the eye. For none of us is repulsed by the bizarre ways of good people.

This post positively reeks of smugness. And will even be deleted in due course of time. But what to do? I had to break the flow of my previous blogposts. They were too much like the morbid reflections of what I call a T3- Typical Traumatised Teenager.

Yo Alliteration, for making anything sound cool.
Yo Bloggers, for allowing me to be an obnoxiously happy little person without interference.
Yo You, for reading through this.

* makes appropriate glamorous exit while singing 'aha KIII anondo akashe batashe' *

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safdar said...

not in love with anybody?

what is this?

safdar said...

not in love with anybody?

what is this?

adt said...

my song. very nice.

but with the mode i'm in, i read the entire blog post, register the occurence 'pure lust' and make my exit.

adt said...

occurence of *

Doubletake, Doublethink. said...

any chance of not being in love with a celebrity changing this weekend?

The Dark Knight releases.

Death On Two Legs said...

@priyanka- good point. it could change, it could definitely change.

@aditi- Destiny intended me to be tormented by everyone I know, and Destiny intended you to torment everyone you know. I resign to my fate.

@safdar- Anything I say to your question will be twisted by Aditi. Tai kichhu bolte parchhi na.

radhika said...

*makes appropriate glamorous exit while singing 'aha KIII anondo akashe batashe' *
haha u know reading through this blogpost i could actually imagine you saying all that in that typical way you do! its funny but i like this..just to clarify..i am NOT commenting just to prove a point..

VelocityGirl (tm) said...

RADHIKA is SO commenting just to prove a point.
And I agree with Aditi.
And you're beginning to scare me.
Aaaaand... I'm going to shut up now.

Prince of Mirkwood said...

I'd expect someone to write with such a content and smug attitude towards life, only when he/she is in love...not because he/she feels pure lust/sisterly affection...*raises eyebrows quizzically and looks the other way with a sly expression*