Saturday, July 19, 2008

I looked around me, and I saw mud.
And there were people caught in it-
They thrashed about wildly,
But kept slipping, falling, choking,
All the while crying helpless tears
Into the squelchy brown.
And there were children playing with it,
They eyes pinpricks of hate,
Their smiles, evil and twisted.
They played with such bestiality
That I was revolted, and I wanted to run.

Till you picked up some of the mud,
And smeared it over my arm,
And I realised how refreshingly cool
It felt against my skin.

I looked around me again,
And it was dark.
But the darkness seemed to be made up
Of a hundred dark creatures-
Shifty, formless, they moved around me,
Dancing a strange devil's dance.
They were whispering all at once,
And my ears were buzzing painfully.
They closed in on me, I couldn't breathe.
My head spun round and round.

Then I felt you hold my hand.
And the dancers formed a cradle,
Velvety smooth, like the night sky.
Gently, it rocked me to sleep,
The whispers became a soft lullaby.

I looked around me once more,
And the earth was slipping away beneath my feet!
A mad, molten mouth was opening up,
It was red and it was hungry.
I knew it would not stop
Till it had swallowed me up,
And its churning walls
Had scalded me to death.

And this time, nothing you said
Or did comforted me,
For the earth did not listen to you.
And you were scared too.
But suddenly you caught me in your arms,
And threw me up, with reckless abandon.
And I soared up higher and higher,
Till the earth was just a little speck,
The mouth, no more visible.
The wind whipped my hair across my face
In a frenzied tangle,
The clouds whirled and spun,
The dust danced about and glittered
Against a flood of sunlight.
And when I laughed, they laughed with me,
The wind, the clouds, the dust, the sunbeams,
And echoing faintly in the distance,
I heard your asnwering laughter.

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safdar said...

very similar to a photo i have.wait.

Prince of Mirkwood said...

muddy business this...
and what were u doing in the mud in the first place? ;)

Rei said...

ah well...i never know what to write for such awesome poems :P

elements,darkness,sense of tragedy,"betrayal" it ^^

mud reminded me of soccer class last week.... ;))

*bows* *all-hail queen of poetry*

Pratyush said...

pretty deep
expression of freedom was awsome

azuria said...

btw,fyi...i'm rei k? o_o

n yeah...awesomabulous!!!!

VelocityGirl (tm) said...