Saturday, July 19, 2008


I will NOT take down your notes.
You may throw me out of class,
You may give me numerous reasons
As to why I will not pass.
You may call me yet another
Girl who in her crucial years
Has allowed herself to be swayed
By the follies of her peers.
But you won’t scare me enough,
In fact you won’t scare me at all.
Your threats are going to bounce off me
Like a squash ball off a wall.

You think you can entice me
With your torturous pronunciation?
Your lack of vocal clarity,
Your oblivion to punctuation?
Your maddeningly sing-song tone,
Your ponderous text-book-quotes?
You think my academic life
Depends upon YOUR NOTES?

I will sit at the back and read a book,
As for talking, I’ll definitely try.
I’ll draw cartoons suitably shocking
To those with the audacity to pry .
I will openly defy you,
I see no need for pretence.
You may thank me for my honesty.
You can’t have taken offence?

7 beep/s:

radhika said...

this poem should especially be dedicated to all the mhs teachers..who give u dirty looks if u dont take their shitty notes! and ure right some of them DO thnk that one can be a 90% with their notes...come to the commerce section ad you'll knw! hah but im with you on this one not no notes...go noosh!

radhika said...

i meant * no notes...and also *90%ter

Prince of Mirkwood said...

I never took notes in my life...hence I'm no 90 a good girl...take notes...get 90%! So simple:)

VelocityGirl (tm) said...

Hohohoho, we all know who this is about, nest'ce pas?

kd said...

how do u know wot happens in my evs class?!

Rei said...

HAHAHA.....wonder if she'd know it was her ;)

Death On Two Legs said...

You know, this isn't directed towards any one person. And it's main inspiration was not IB, if that's what you're thinking.