Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My skin has is a sworn enemy
Of furniture corners and edges.
I've seen that walls stand in my way
Or hit out hard with stony ledges.

Glasses, bowls, ALL cutlery,
When in my hand attempt to take
A giant leap like wily fish
Who slyly jump from net to lake.

My shoelaces untie themselves,
My keyboard doesn't trust my spelling.
Few have seen me drop my cellphone,
But its exterior is telling.

These happen mostly without warning,
But always when I'm around bores.
Call me clumsy, and my feet
Might run away and stamp on yours.

9 beep/s:

Tuntuni said...

lol, very well written.

cry freedom said...

ditto. :D

reflections said...

only when you are around "bores", right??!!:P

Doubletake, Doublethink. said...

you be mistress of nonsense verse. make it your domain, do. i like these poems of yours better than anything else on your blog :D

Death On Two Legs said...


You redeem my klutziness.

And Priyanka, whatsay we compile some nonsense verse?

Yamini said...

me haha-likes :D

kd said...

few have seen you drop your phone?
i think i saw it like twice in 2 hours.

Death On Two Legs said...

Don't lie yaaa

Vangmayi Parakala said...

Random browsing on a lazy, rainy Saturday. And I am happy to have read this. :D

"Few have seen me drop my cellphone,
But its exterior is telling."

Oh, yes that's me! :P
Brilliant work :)