Sunday, October 5, 2008

NOT 'Child's Play' -inspired

I was little when I was given
My only Barbie Doll.
Though I smiled a thank-you,
I didn't like her at all.

Her joints were stiff and squeaky,
Her eyes were pale and cold.
Her hair was almost silver,
As though she was quite old.

I played with her for a few days,
Just because I thought I should.
Washed her hair, and cut it off;
Then left her for good.

Spent my days exploring 
The far end of the lane.
Befriended a vagabond dog,
Got caught outside in the rain.

Years passed by and a few days back,
I was clearing out my room.
When in a forgotten cabinet-corner,
Shrouded by dust and gloom,

I found my abandoned Barbie Doll,
Sitting very upright,
Staring straight into my face-
It gave me quite a fright.

Her face was streaked with grime,
And her dress was stained with damp.
Still she laughed her frozen laughter,
Like a delirious princess tramp.

I winced at the colourless clumps
Of fuzz on her shaven head.
But worst of all were her eyes-
Though once they seemed completely dead,

They looked at me now as if to say:
'Well, this is what you've done.
If I couldn't make you happy,
My life certainly hasn't been fun.'

Whenever I think of throwing her out
I feel her eyes on me.
I stiffen with a pang of guilt,
Wondering what they see.

At each attempt to touch her,
I shudder and withdraw;
For the cold gleam of ice in her glare,
Never seems to thaw.

My parents think I'm sentimental
As Barbie's still here today.
Annoying for a practical girl like me,
But I guess it's safer that way.

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Yamini said...

one of the best things i've read in a LONG while. serious.
it's totally brilliant.

cry freedom said...

it's.. creepy to be honest. nobody should give life to inanimate objects. results are always creepy.

Death On Two Legs said...

Inanimate objects have a sort of life of their. Which may or may not be creepy. You know about my shoelaces, Neeti =]

cry freedom said...

oooh yeah.. how can i forget those? lol. i still remember u saying (very painfully): "they just refuse to remain tied!"

joey said...

the power of imagination is sometimes no power at all.more like handicap.

Prince of Mirkwood said...

Maybe I could get my he-man action figures to break her into pieces and then you'd throw her out!....err, sorry I threw those out!

azuria said...
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azuria said...
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purple rain said...

Really loved it..

Clezevra said...

Once again... amazing. My vocabulary just stops functioning when it comes to your poems.

Death On Two Legs said...

@Clezevra- aww thank you :)

you're too nice to me