Saturday, November 22, 2008

Universal. Not.

The greatest poems have universal themes.

I will write one like that.

Today was a tiresome day.
Oh wait!
I probably shouldn't have told you that.
What if you think it wasn't tiresome?
Worse, what if you think I don't think it was tiresome?

I suppose I must clear my head of all opinions.
Emotions too- nasty, interfering mumblejumbles!
No no. I am not imposing my thoughts on you.
You may well like emotions.
But then again, who am I to grant you that liberty?

I suppose I am too self-centred.
No matter how hard I try, I can't rid this poem of the personal touch.
Tell you what?
I'll leave it incomplete.
Yes, I'll leave a wonderful, empty blankness for you to fill in.
However, if you feel that the blankness is merely an optical illusion, I won't contradict you.

Is this even a poem?
Now that,  is open to interpretation!
In fact, it can even be interpreted as NOT open to interpretation.
In which case......

I have reached my conclusion.
A conclusion that is definite, specific, individualistic, UNCHANGEABLE, and BEYOND contest.
I can't do this.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Big Brother is telling you...

I find it hilarious how brilliant I am at convincing myself that I rule. Not to mention positively frightening.

If people call me fat, I tell myself that they just happen to appreciate malnutritioned figures due to their own lack of muscle. If they're fat themselves, I tell myself that they're jealous. And if they have that perfect body, I tell myself that they're comparing me to themselves, which is unfair, because normal people don't have perfect bodies anyway.

If people who I generally respect, feel I'm not .... say a good enough debater, or that I won't get into the college I aim for, this is what I think-
'Oh they are intelligent, and rather creative, but what they lack, you know, is maturity. They can't see beyond the tip of their eyelashes. So it's difficult for them to assess a person who happens to be different from them. The poor, poor things.'

When I manage to convince the majority of my listeners, I'm so obviously right that it's beyond dispute. When I'm brushed aside without concern, I'm so obviously a genius that the common little people can't even grasp my supremacy. When I'm acknowledged here and there but not as much as I'd like, I'm thankful that SOME perceptive people still exist.

Dear god, dear god.

At least I'm happy.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Are you a wolf, or a mouse?

'He's hanging 
Upside down on the wire 
Of non-participation. 
He's a tarot-card, and he knows it. 
He can howl all night 
And dawn will pick up the same card 
And see him painted on it, with eyes 
Like doorframes in a desert 
Between nothing and nothing.'

Wolves are rugged; sleek; have haunting, soulful eyes; and are MONOGAMOUS.

One up on men. Yay wolves.