Saturday, December 27, 2008

I grow old, I grow old. I will not wear the bottoms of my trousers rolled.

Finally, I turn 18.
I can't make corny 'Oh then toh I will call you didi' jokes anymore.

People asked me if I had a party or not. I'm not really sure of what to say... I ate a lot. That's half the party won, right?

Funny, I don't feel like particularly like an adult. I think it's because I felt like an adult years ago. I came across this picture of me today. I was little then, and reading a book with an extremely pesudo-intellectual expression my face. Prophetic, one might have called it. The book was titled- 'I love pet animals.' I repeat- 'prophetic.'

But then, now that I am LEGALLY an adult, there are lots of things I can do. 

Vote- Doesn't excite me too much. Who the hell do I vote for? The earthquake or the hurricane?

Drive- THIS, I am really eager to do. And YES, I CAN reach the accelerator. 

Have a bank account without benevolent guardianship looming over my shoulder- This reminds me.
I am DYING to make a movie, and I need to fund it. My fame must spread beyond YouTube and Facebook Videos.

Marry- YECH >.<
To talk of marrying when I I haven't dated anyone as a non-adult.... Which is alright, I suppose, and it'll make the first relationship special, and yada yada yada. 
But then again, I've had to hear jokes about me and the school peon. Who has more personality than half the teaching staff, but you get my point.

Ooh, and there's one more thing I can do. I don't even need the law for that. 
Boss around my brother :D 
He's going to grow taller than me soon, and he's starting to get better than me at punja. I need to establish my superiority in some way, right?

Anyway, Happy Birthday to me. These are the occasions when one starts a new blog. I can't do that, but I'll make a compromise. This is my last blogpost before the ISC.

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Prince of Mirkwood said...

NOOOOOOOOOOOO! not your last blogpost before the ISC! What the hell will you do during the ISC then??

spriblah said...

Hope you manage to do all the stuff on your wishlist, even the marriage part. Happy Birthday.
If you do something as stupid as the last line of your post suggests, I WILL kill you and I know there are a lot of people backing me up on that one.

Doubletake, Doublethink. said...

hehe, happy birthday, anushka. i hope wishing you here isn't as bad as wallposting you on facebook.

also, now that you've said this is the last post in a while, i'll keep checking this blog. the board exam curse decrees that bloggers return to vent their feelings via post-marathons.

Death On Two Legs said...

@ priyanka-
Thanks :) And yes, it's much better.

As for the other issue, I promised myself I won't come online. But we do know how those promises turn out.

cry freedom said...

anushka, ur love affair with you know who at school created RIPPLES. i wondered if it was true at one point of time. :P

and i know 18 makes u FEEL no different, but looking (not too) back, it does remain a benchmark. and my foot could reach the accelerator when i was seven, but it's been eleven years and i still haven't bothered with driving myself around. cheerio.

Dhrubo said...

It might not as fun being an adult as it seems to be.

D'Evil Sam said...

Make a movie???
That sounds superiorly interesting.
Count me in as the producer.
Happy Birthday and Cheers.

Death On Two Legs said...

@Dhrubo- Oh I know, I know. I'm just not going to tell myself that right now.


Sahana said...

DUDE. WHAT is so yechy about marriage.

Death On Two Legs said...

Marriage is yechy this EARLY.

blinknmiss said...

happy belated 18.