Monday, December 29, 2008

This is horrible! I'm SURE Priyanka's put a curse on me.
And I churn out yet another Post-Promise-Post.

Eta ektu silly but bear with me.
Also, I'll leave out forewords in the future.


He was madly, badly in love.
His love was so great, it could not be contained and soared into the skies above.

He stared at her face.
It was more beautiful than anyone else of her race or of any other race.

He leant towards her, he grew very near.
Her liberated heart did not mind physicality, so he was without fear.

As he grew closer, her large limpid eyes
Seemed to grow larger, and all talk of Aparna Sen having the largest eyes seemed nothing more than scandalous lies.

Then her eyes appeared to merge and become one.
And though most great things are solitary (for example- the Victoria Memorial, Brian May's guitar, and the sun),

She suddenly resembled a cyclops.
And it is during moments like these that romance falters, or even stops.

P.S- This is inspired by the time I peered too closely into my cat's eyes, and they really appeared to merge! It looked scary.

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Sahana said...

you know what's freaky? when you promised not to blog, you blog more than you used to.
and word. it was all so mushy and then KAPOWW.

Ravis said...


I'll list this blog as my Discovery of The Year 2009!

I'm lost for words!!

Death On Two Legs said...