Saturday, January 3, 2009

I like cameras

When you can't get out of the house AND you don't want to study, you have to start searching for things to do.

A chair in a dream sequence-
Maybe your Grandma used to sit in it and tell you all about witches with a twinkle in her eye. And maybe you'd find yourself wondering how she knew so much.
Maybe the chair was a family heirloom of a famous writer. And one evening, you had a chat with him over a cup of tea. Sinking into the chair's soft cushioning, he spoke of the worlds he created. And now, his words come flooding back to you, filling you with wonder.
The chair could have been anyone's. But it belongs, more than a person, to a world of sepia tones and blurred edges.

Mossy stones and leafy secrets; peppermint and neon lights...
And we think only people have alter-egos.

Guess what this is. I mean, what this really is.

This is the house right next to mine. An eyesore, I tell you! I mean, yellow is a peppy colour, but so much of it is rather overwhelming. Like a giant Tweety that flies straight into your face, and leaves lots of little Tweeties circling your head.
It used to annoy me like HELL. But one day, when I was in a good mood, I pictured the owner smiling to himself at his vision. And suddenly, I stopped hating it.

The ice-creamwallah is off to attend nature's call. The ice-cream cart is temporarily abandoned. Locked? Most probably. But it's conspicuous. It doesn't rest against a wall, or withdraw discreetly into the shade.
And it is noticed by Chhotu and Sonu.
Chhotu's dad is semi-alchoholic, and Sonu's dad was accused of making a neighbourhood girl pregnant. Their sons can't always afford ice-cream. But today, they don't want to.
It's a winter afternoon, the first with a hint of sunshine. They're soaking up the warmth. And for Sonu, the pleasure is riding a stationary bicycle. For Chhotu, it's pretending to be Sonu's customer. I hope the ice-creamwallah took a long time to pee.

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Sahana said...

Aww, the Chhotu and Sonu thing is SO cute!! And the third picture, are those wires or telephone/electric lines or something?

cry freedom said...

awww.. pretty!

D'Evil Sam said...

I like cameras....
The ones that can take pictures in black and white. There is just so much detail in those.

And alcoholics are not so bad you know....

Death On Two Legs said...

Sam- When you weren't born with a penny, AND you lounge around like an ass, AND leave your wife to work herself to death to feed you....

The situation isn't particularly happy.

I like Black and White a LOT too.

@sahana- It's clotheslines :)

D'Evil Sam said...

@Death- try having a conversation with an alcoholic....then you can judge them.

Btw, alcoholics should not be allowed to marry by law.

Vangmayi Parakala said...

Okay, I is officially in love with those pictures. I don't usually gaze at any if they aren't Roger Federer, but there you go. :P

Loved the chair, and the fabric (?)
So what WAS that other picture, REALLY?

Death On Two Legs said...

Clotheslines against verandah wall.

I'm a Fed fan too =]

He's breaking my heart these days.

blinknmiss said...

i'm reading your blog backwards. and i'm liking you more and more.

i got the clotheslines right.

your name's anushka right?