Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I think I'm overestimating your kindness

I've been helping my brother out with his chemistry. Okay, so class 8 chemical bonding isn't brain-bashing. But it's been nearly TWO YEARS since I ran away from Science. And during my escapade, I met Ted Hughes, Facebook, 'Whose Line is It Anyway' and my ipod. 

Too many big bad wolves. 
And they didn't even stop at Grandma's, they went straight onto me! After that, class 8 chemical bonding is an ACHIEVEMENT.

Another achievement of mine- I have discovered how useful the '.'  is, in making an impact.
Look at this-

(Minimally offensive.)

(Slightly better.)

(EASILY the best. It has that cutting edge.)

(Now this makes me sound frustrated. Therefore one must be careful of over-emphasising.)

It appears I am a woman of many talents.

But the mosquitoes don't think so. These days, the throng is getting thicker. The whine is getting whinier. The greed is shooting up so high, that if mosquitoes had morality stock markets, they would be suffering from FAR worse recession than we are.

I know this is too much of random ranting, but they ARE annoying me. Bloody bloodsucking bloodhounds. If they must feed off me, the least they can do is not make my skin swell up. Whatever happened to gratitude?

And now, before I say something even more pointless, I should leave. It's strange how I start blogging like mad whenever I make a promise. That promise doesn't even need to be related to bloggers.

The above statement is an insinuation/innuendo. (I'm still not sure of the difference.) 
I am hinting that I have recently made a promise that isn't blogger related. I'm also not telling you what it is. Muhahahahahaha. 

13 beep/s:

spriblah said...

I love whose line is it anyways.

cry freedom said...

anyway, u mean, spriha. "anyways" is wrong grammar and it sounds HORRIBLE.

D'Evil Sam said...

iPod is a savior and I think Ryan Stiles is just plain hilarious. Chemistry still gives me nightmares...

spriblah said...

It's not wrong grammar neeti, it's just the wrong name, and have you ever heard of a typo. And anushka, when you write J.E.R.K. you sound like a cheerleader(of a team with a really bad name).

Prince of Mirkwood said...

Aww. Even your evil laugh doesn't sound evil.

Death On Two Legs said...

Who said it was meant to sound evil, eh?
Maybe it's just sweetly self-satisfied.

blinknmiss said...

ever wondered why you've never come across a male mosquito who for biological reasons would not be interested in your blood?

what a ridiculous confession the above is.

Death On Two Legs said...

Were you referring to my comment (which comes before yours)?

Or are you counting your question as a subtle confession?

blinknmiss said...

above meaning my own.

i confess i have pondered the mysteries of mosquito gender myself.

though how i can blurt stupid things out while typing i still don't know...

Opaline said...

I've linked to your blog and I'm hoping that's alright. =)

Death On Two Legs said...

@Shalmi- I know your name, so I will not type out the whole of blinknmiss. Eep, I just did. See? Typing ENGENDERS stupidity. *sigh*

@Opaline- Well... ahem.. OF COURSE :D

Yamini said...

The greed is shooting up so high, that if mosquitoes had morality stock markets, they would be suffering from FAR worse recession than we are.

haha.. :D

Anonymous said...

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