Friday, February 13, 2009

Today is the death anniversary of P.G Wodehouse.

I wish I knew an Hon. Galahad Threepwood.  
Lord Galahand, The Joker, Shrek's Donkey, and Calvin. Together, we could take over the world.

And if we got a bit distracted (which is more than likely), then The Bride from Kill Bill might prove useful.

I have GOT to make this happen. I'm telling you, you'd better join us now that there's still time.


King Julian (Madagascar)- Thank you Spriha, for the suggestion.

Taz. He is more self-actualised than Gandhi could ever have hoped to be. The look of pure, unintelligent bliss on his face says it all.

James J. Braddock- After watching 'Cinderella Man', I've realised that one can actually talk to a boxer. And get a verbal response.

Mark Zuckerberg. AKA the precocious-young-man-who-invented-Facebook-and-destroyed-all chances-I-ever-had-of-a-respectable-career. I will have him 'removed' once we reach our goal.

Roxy Hart, from Chicago- Sassy, zany, funny.

Fred and George Weasley. 2 of the few characters Rowling decided not to destroy. She has GOT to realise that breaking people's hearts and adding a 'realistic touch' are not the same thing. At all.

YODA from Star Wars! To our great mission, most instrumental, he will prove. Agree with me, do you not?

13 beep/s:

wonderwall said...

Pelham Greenville, how did he survive so long with that name I wonder, but I grieve the loss with you, oh sister
And you might want to join King Julian from Madagascar to the list.

D'Evil Sam said...

I'm ready to join your army....but only if you promise to take along Taz and The Penguins

Sahana said...

i'm always on your side.
and i'll bring the vodka.

i'm so glad i know you. together, we'll force the internet to pay us for our stupid blogging tendencies.

blinknmiss said...

finally, people who gather to mourn sir pelham's deathday and not spend it buying heart shaped balloons...

next year, when icse is not killing me, i shall go to park street cemetery (wodehouse isn't buried in park street, but one shows respect any way one can) and lay a black wreath by moonlight.

blinknmiss said...

@ spriha: it's actually grenville, as far as i know.

Death On Two Legs said...


We shall do that on VALENTINE'S DAY. Dressed in dull black or gray.

For all the dead geniuses who seriously need to be reincarnated.

P.S- It Is Grenville.

P.P.S- Suggestions will be incorporated.

Vikrant said...

pinky and the brain

Death On Two Legs said...


I had TOTALLY forgotten that Pinky and the Brain even existed.

You did watch a lot of cartoon network, didn't you?
You were able to recognise a certain of episode of a certain show when I sent you the video ;)
The show will go unnamed for your benefit.

wonderwall said...

Greenville, grenville, either way he was picked on.
And seriously such posts get my brain working overtime, I have to figure out a way to clog my brain when I pretend to study.
Mojo Jojo-I love that deranged green monkey and Monica, if you want to remain focused but she might have a problem with the rats.

Vikrant said...

hey. i was the one who showed you the powerslut video.

Sphinx said...

you seem to have this all figured out... it's like you got all the 'cool' characters from the fantasy world.
but uhm... how exactly do u intend to take over the world?

Sphinx said...

oh and I'd throw in the sandman, he has an awesome family you could use.

Death On Two Legs said...

Oh when so many cool people come together, others keep joining us. Till there's no one left. Not even Mamata Bannerji.

That's how :D

@Vikrant- Yes, true =] But that doesn't prove anything. It could purely have been the wicked humour that attracted you to it.