Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I scare myself. As always.

Of late, my parents have started storing water in empty liquor bottles. I believe it's healthier than using plastic bottles. And the water stays cooler that way too. However,... 
I'm not sure I should be starting this sentence with a 'however', it's like a precursor to something unpleasant. What I was about to say is: temporarily, the water has quite a prominent taste of whiskey. Unpleasant? Not quite. Strange? A wee bit. 

I have a reputation for drinking very little. I even spelt 'alcohol' wrong in my psychology project and had to correct it by scraping out the guilty letter with a blade. The idea was suggested to me by the Geography girls, who have been forcefully married to their practical files since plus 2 began. But I deviate. People think I find drinking immoral. Which is such a ridiculous presumption, I start laughing at it before I can take offence. It's just that I don't have any overwhelming fascination for alcohol. Also, I've seen too many friends goof up after getting sloshed. A high is brilliant. But getting dizzy, and pukish, and out of control, seems a little ugly. To me.

Anyway, the point is, if I suddenly acquire a tipsy temperament, you will know that my parents are behind it all. 

I'm not sure where this blogpost is going. I'm writing to distract myself, because I'm upset. It's the newspapers. It sounds so cliched, but there's too much bullshit all around and I just can't take it. I'm quite good at filling up my head with happy things. Which includes a couple of cheap plastic swords my brother bought from the local bajar. Which does not always include Beauty and the Geek. (Yes, yes, that was an indirect confession.) But when the bullshit is shoved into my face every morning, I feel that I'm fighting a losing battle. 

'Fighting a losing battle.' 
I just can't seem to avoid cliches today, can I? Blame it on the heat. And the cold which I have caught in this heat.

Whether or not I can dress up what I feel to sound snappy, I hate a lot of things right now.

 I hate the fact that a 19-yr old girl and a 25-yr old man from Afghanistan were killed for eloping. I hate the fact that an OLD woman in the Middle East was sentenced to 40 whip lashes because 2 young men had entered her house to bloody give her BREAD. To bloody EAT.

I hate the fact that I'm 18, but I have no idea who I should vote for, because I find every political party as useful as an appendix. A DEAD man's appendix.

I recently came to know that vultures are becoming extinct. Which somehow makes me very sad. I have a soft spot for scavengers. Crows, vultures. Even hyenas who are so ugly, they hold me transfixed by hypnotic horror.

I have had such an overdose of Shah Rukh Khan and Amitabh Bachhan, I want to stab their 2-D media images with an ignoble instrument- like a used toothpick.

I was very disappointed to wake up in the middle of a dream where a bunch of us was being held hostage in a hotel lift by the Joker, and another bunch was trapped in the restaurant. I'm not sure which annoys me more, not completing the dream or not being in the restaurant.

Contrary to appearances, I am not very prone to depression. I am just easily affected by anything. Good, bad, happy, sad. AGAIN. A retarded kindergarten rhyme. AND a cliche. I should leave. But before I do, I have a request to whoever will grant it. God, you qualify for this as well. I  do NOT want to hear about bullshit. Even if it exists. Fuck realism. Just tell me Discovery-Channel-I-love-the-whole-world-boom-de-yada kind of things. And I will be in peace. Which means, you will too.

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Doubletake, Doublethink. said...

I woke up this morning feeling the same way, only the news was on, so I watched it instead of reading the newspaper, and my GOD. since when did ndtv get like this? since when did all their presenters start sounding so banal?

who's going to pick the flesh off my bones if the vultures die?


Sahana said...

NDTV is rubbish. I watch the Debate09 on Times Now, which is SO annoying because everyone keeps yelling, and I think that's why one of my secret ambitions is to be a political commentator of sorts.
And also, Amitabh Bachchan should just retire, stupid old man. He should stop dyeing his beard. And he should stop peddling Chawanprash and Cadbury Chocolate and Navratna Thanda-Thanda-Cool-Cool Hair Oil. UFF.
Also, his son is ugly.

D'Evil Sam said...

Ignorance is bliss, is it not?
But you will disagree.
We all want to be partially ignorant, especially to the miseries of the world...that way we can still feel better not knowing that a lady got flogged in the streets.
And about drinking H20 out of a quart of whiskey....its just a placebo effect methinks :)

Prince of Mirkwood said...

Random question for the day:
"Ei chintai korbi?"

Sphinx said...

u r one strange kid. i loved the vultures bit. 'the vulture culture' if you may. (oh dear god, was that another cliche? :P

joey said...

Funny.Even I get a little repulsed by over the top drinking.

AND yes,our political aprties are just too much shit.He made hate speech.She made hate speech.Excellent .Where do we come in here?

Rick said...

Strangely relatable. Think of it this way-Cliches are cliches only because they ARE cliched. So, don't avoid them. From another perspective, everything anyone writes is basically plagiarism. I know that it sounds sort of rummy, but there you have it.

Interesting mood, you know, the one which is reflected in this post of yours! Yeah, my sympathies.I am allergic to bullshit too!

Death On Two Legs said...

@Priyanka- Banal is the word, really. It's depressing.

@Sam- No, that was just exaggeration for dramatic effect, not even placebo :D

@sphinx- I thought people would stop calling me kid since I turned 18. I guess I forgot about older people.