Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Nature is male. And insecure. And obeys Murphy.

Just when I was about to write a blogpost with faintly feminist undertones, I tripped, got a perfectly triangular bruise on my leg, and hurt my ring-finger so badly that I can only type with one hand. Hence, no eloquent ranting for quite a while. 

Oh and in case you were wondering, the disfunctional hand is the left one. 
I am left-handed.

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Rick said...

@ blog heading- What excellent deduction, Ma'm!

Mer-curial-maiden said...

what causes a triangular bruise?

Death On Two Legs said...

@Rick-- After debating for 3 years, I've grown to like making strange deductions :D

@mer-curial-maiden- Apparently, the edge of a step in a staircase.
Strange, considering I couldn't draw a single geometrical figure accurately.

Mer-curial-maiden said...

Well I hope the post stays intact in head while the finger heals.

Meanwhile, ice and Volini.

Prince of Mirkwood said...

You mean you're sinistral....*suspicious look*

SPIRITed! said...

Muhahaha! The blog heading is so apt!

Death On Two Legs said...

@Anoorag- Science-language, huh? I had to google the word. I thought it was a combination of sinister and spectral.

Vangmayi said...

One word: title!!

Oh wait there's more... lefty! That's so...WICKED!
Haha. :)