Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Beggar's Day Out

So yesterday was our farewell, as Facebook is only too happy to inform you. Facebook is stalker-haven. Last evening our juniors showed us a presentation, which included pictures of our batch.... pictures snitched off our Facebook photo albums! Why I find it so scandalous is because the first picture to be shown

a) has me in a pose I would not repeat in front of a camera.
b) Looked excrutiatingly embarrassing when enlarged.

Ah well. I suppose yesterday was the day to bid adieu, not just to the school, or each other, but our dignity/(dignities?) 

When you have 11 sari-clad, bling-encrusted 18-yr olds trooping into Mainland China, you realise that this isn't your usual day. And to top it all, the bunch of us had about as much poise as a hippo on tiptoe. Not one person laughed alone. Not one laugh was less than a roar. And there were a lot of laughs. 

Poor Debadrita had to bear the brunt of our hysteria. 
Debadrita: Achha, I'm sorry I can't stay but my tabla sir will be coming.
10 variations of: After your farewell, you want to go back home and play the TABLA?
Debadrita: I don't play it, tabla-sir plays it as an accompaniment to my singing.
Me (the indomitable debater): Then why do you call him the tabla-SIR? That would imply he teaches..
Basab (hastily interrupting) : Yes yes, he's the tabla-MAN. 
At this point, I nearly started singing 'Tabla Man' as parody to the Spiderman theme song, but thought better of it. We'd probably get labelled as some pati bangla-medium college students who thought it would be 'damn cool.' to hang out in Mainland China. AC paabo. Khabar paabo. Moja korbo. That kind.

But I might as well have gone ahead. When Rukmini let out a little secret that shocked us into momentary silence, Rishika wailed- 'Meri churiya tutneko vakt ho raha hai.' It had to be heard to be believed. She officially reset the boundaries of pseudo-melodrama, and shattered our fragile wall of self-discipline.

Naturally, the waiters came in for their fair share of frustration. We decided to order dessert, but we weren't sure if we could afford it. 

Rishika: Ok, so one plate of ice-cream is 2 scoops is equal to Rs 85. So, so, one scoop is??
Me: Oh god, I don't know, THIS is why I shouldn't have taken up Business Studies instead of Maths.
Rishika then had one of her giggling fits. Supurna, too stressed to perform mental math, but sane enough to rise to the occasion, fished out a calculator. It was then that Anumita said- 'This is like the Bhikaris' Day Out.' Which is not a tag to flaunt, but it was so appropriate and ridiculous at the same time, that we dissolved into helpless fits of laughter.

Yes, I could see it all before my eyes. Our scarred and totured past, our extra-ordinary stroke of good luck in finding each other, our thrift and resilience, all leading upto this grand day, the fulfillment of our dream- silk saris and dinner at mainland china. Darun.

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Prince of Mirkwood said...

we got the pictures ripped off facebook farewell too. Mine was a picture of me doing god knows what (revving up to do a back flip while thumping my chest like king kong and possibly molesting a junior)...seriously i was only playing football.

D'Evil Sam said...

I Laughed :)

joey said...

such kyalamo.

Gypsy said...

pfsh. I agree about Facebook being stalker heaven. Kono privacy nei.

Death On Two Legs said...

@Noor- That picture I have got to see.

@Joey- Ki ar bolbo. AC Pelam. Khabar pelam. Moja Korlam. >D

@Gypsy- Tell me about it. There are spies of all ages, shapes and sizes.

Gypsy said...

Stalkers. Peeping Toms. Exes.


And the latest comment which you posted on my last post -- has mysteriously evaporated into thin air.

"Fishy" =|

Rick said...

"AC paabo. Khabar paabo. Moja korbo. That kind."- Yeah, you people didn't come across as this kind at all! =)
Cheerful descriptions, and the last paragraph was very nice. Darun.

blinknmiss said...

For a moment there I thought you were hopeful of getting moja, as in sock.

Really now.

SPIRITed! said...

I guess the saris did this to you? Or was it the nostalgia?

Death On Two Legs said...

@shreya- Both. Plus, it was us.

Anonymous said...

Ak Dom fatafati.

AngelofHarlem said...

That was one of the best night outs we had. =))
"AC paabo. Khabar paabo. Moja korbo." Ha.