Monday, June 1, 2009

Recently, ze phamilee had to gone to some boy's annaprasana. Basically, his initiation into the life of eating what is not goop. While returning home, we saw a CCD on a dark, lonely road. It was probably a well-frequented locality by day, but not to Anushka Sen of Salt Lake. Salt Lake may be a very pretty place  with lots of trees but my para consists of fat retired VIPs, and fat thriving businessmen who name their dog Sundar. It is also at LEAST half an hour away from most places I ever want/need to visit.

For such reasons and more, I thought the CCD in question was strangely located. And the following conversation ensued- 

Me: I think I'm seeing CCDs everywhere! CCD is taking over the world.

Brother (Piku): Do you think the basements of CCD are actually used for terrorist rendezvous?

Me:  Not terrorist, no. Not the conventional kind anyway. They are MAMATA'S SECRET HIDEOUTS! 
*assumes daughter-of-the-lal-mati tone*

Eww weel dreenk coffe, aamra khabo cha.
Buddha will say yayce, aamra bolbo 'NA'!

Piku: Yeah, you know how they say a lot can happen over coffe?

Me: Yep. Well now we know that a lot can happen UNDER coffee!

Ma: *interrupting, as is a mother's duty*

You know, my respect for Mamata has soared since 2 weeks ago. She's definitely been an excellent leader of the Opposition. CPM has been put in it's rightful place.


Realising that she was outnumbered, Ma decided to give way. As for her daughter, she still hasn't figured out exactly why Mamata would need a secret hideout.....
Maybe I subconsciously associate secrecy and scheming with rise of power. Yes, that's a thought. So if you receive certain vile anonymous comments on your blogpost, it MOST CERTAINLY isn't my doing :P

3 beep/s:

Anonymous said...

Vile anonymous comment #1

Should in no way be thought to be the work of PrinceofMirkwood...

D'Evil Sam said...

You don't lust for power, secret hideouts, death rays and fish tanks full of sharks with lasers attached to their heads?

Dr. Evil did!

Death On Two Legs said...

@Anoorag- what if that was me pretending to be you, and you just THINK it's you.

@Sam- Not the answer to your question but I like Sharks. Another vicious animal I have a soft spot for.