Monday, June 8, 2009

Some sentimentality

In a corner of my room, 2 kittens are busy testing their newfound strength on each other. As they crouch and pounce in mock aggression, their mother looks on, palpably nervous. This is her first litter. And that's not all. She, brazen wench, is the most premature catmother I have even seen in my entire life. 

She was named Bartoli after the tennis player who wiggles her ass in a strange way while her opponent serves. My cat made similar ass-wiggling movements when she was young. However, I never warmed to the name for various reasons-

a) It became rather embarassing to elaborate on it's pronunciation and origin to elderly relatives. I've already had to deal with a Snowbell being called No-bell. 

b) I've recently developed an aversion to foreign names for pets. India ki jai ho. NOTHING to do with Slumdog, I assure you.

c) Some names have a ring to them. They just sound right. I never did feel comfortable saying 'Bartoli'.

Which is why, In view of her obnoxiously early pregnancy, I have renamed her Juno. Yes, it's after another famous character. And it isn't Indian either, but it sounds less pretentious.

However, now that her name doesn't trouble me, another issue does. Will we be allowed to keep the kittens? My parents are dead against it, and understandably so. We already have 4, and they're a handful. But it's worth it, it really is.

Sometimes I lay my head on one of their stomachs, and I can feel the steady rise and fall of its breathing, and hear it's heartbeat. And when I lift my head, I can feel one side of my face gone warm. 

Sometimes the cats take on a mild touch of fever. On such occasions, just looking into their listless eyes makes me feel like someone's torn my heart out with their bare hands, and burst it, right before my eyes.  It scares me, how violently attached I can get. To anything.

I'd love to add 2 more to my family. But just to prepare myself for a disappointment, I'm not naming the little ones. Naming gives a sense of possession. Possession can give you an emotional high like nothing else, but it can also be dangerous.

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The Orange Cat said...

Doesn't it feel lovely when you're tired after one of those never-ending days and you're in some chair , wishing you were anywhere but where you are at the moment and suddenly there's this warmth against your leg and the feeling of fur and the low bass of a mew?
It does get worse if they have names. I'd have suggested Pookie though. It sounds cute and kittenish. Or Esra- kittens grow up to have names like that: Esra.

Anonymous said...

Saraswati and Vyajanthi maybe, if you keep the kitties, that's what Sahana's college roommates are going to be called.

Prince of Mirkwood said...

Dump the cats. Get a dog!

Death On Two Legs said...

@Orange Cat- That's SUCH a special feeling.
Oh, and Pookie was my nickname for a short while!
Also, Esra is very pretty.

@Spriha- I actually wouldn't have replied to comments this early on, but your second sentence ruined my plans.

@Noor- I like dogs better myself, but I love cats too. Me and the animal world get along. Barring some trespassing reptiles.

Mer-curial-maiden said...

My kitten wiggles butt too! I'm hoping my two dogs warm up to her soon. They seem kinda frightened of her actually :P

Mer-curial-maiden said...

Oh and she's called Chhipi, because her head looked like a bottle-cap when she was tinier.

reflections said...

well....the animal world and supurna dasgupta are totally averse to each other. nevertheless i like the last few lines...i couldn't agree more.

Rick said...

Cats, dogs, animals are good. At least they don't ask for answers all the time. About the last paragraph, i couldn't agree more. Sometimes, attachment is dangerous. True.

And, yo Cat, did you name yours Esra? Sounds like you. :)

D'Evil Sam said...

Kitties!!! I love kitties. I have 3 and one of them is orange :)

Death On Two Legs said...

McM- Chhipi! I love.

@Supurna- I knew you'd agree ;)

@Sam- I want an all black kitty! But orange is great.

The Orange Cat said...

Orange kitties look so sweet and cuddly!

Death On Two Legs said...