Friday, July 31, 2009

What would happen if my personal diary decided to take revenge on me

I have my very own trashcan man,
And he’s just right for me.
I built him out of substances
Through which you cannot see.

So all the secrets that I dump
In him stay safely stored,
From prying eyes belonging
To the curious or the bored.

I didn’t give him eyes ‘cos
That would be a little freaky.
It wouldn’t do to have those eyes
Accuse me, or turn leaky.

My trashcan man is strong, but he
Is soft enough to be cuddled.
That way I can hug him when
This world gets much too muddled.

No, he has no arms or legs.
Those get in the way
Of a hug. Besides, he sits
And hears me out all day.

He has no use for arms and legs
So why would he have hair?
Hair frizzes or turns grey with stress,
Of which he has his share.

(What with all the secret-keeping.)
But it must make him proud,
To be the one who keeps my life
Free from the faintest cloud.

But what’s that? Surely it can’t be
The letter I had burned?
And over there? It looks to me
Like Mama’s face, concerned.

I even hear the crazy words
I said about my friends
That day- just out of spite-
But then I plan to make amends!

Suddenly it’s all a blur.
Oh wait, the fog is clearing…
And a figure grows distinct.
And now, the figure’s nearing!

It’s my very own trashcanman!
But how is it that he moves?
Without the use of legs or arms,
And when I disapprove?

His face is still devoid of eyes,
So I’m sure he cannot see.
But somehow, I feel a piercing-
Almost brutal- gaze on me.

My Trashcanman, don’t hurt me!
Many, many, pleases!!
HELP ME SOMEONE!!! (At this point
The narration ceases.)

16 beep/s:

Diwakar Sinha said...

Okay...that was cool and interesting. Diaries do hide so many secrets. If my post pronounced it, your poem underlined it even better.

Mer-curial-maiden said...

Hahaha, Brilliant. :D And I suppose substituting 'Trashcan Man' with something more respectable might help appease him!

Sherry Wasandi said...

"I didn’t give him eyes ‘cos
That would be a little freaky.
It wouldn’t do to have those eyes
Accuse me, or turn leaky."

:D Fantastic!
And I would agree with Mer-curial-maiden. "Trashcan Man" would hardly be flattering. :)

Vangmayi said...

I burnt about 5 Trashcan Men.
You reckon I should run away and hide?

Death On Two Legs said...

@Diwakar- Thankyou thankyou =]

@MCM and Sherry Wasandi- Hahaha..

Well yes, some more tact might have redeemed me :D

@Vangmayi- I just hide them. But it's risky, I suppose. Cool new blogname, btw!

Sherry Wasandi said...

Blogrolling you. (Assuming that's alright) :)

Prince of Mirkwood said...

love it! U know u shud compose a book of poetry and sell it. Give me a free copy though. I'm broke:(

Death On Two Legs said...

@Sherry- I lurve publicity, always had :P

@Noor- You know, all my poetry is very violent. And the violence is unplanned. Freud would love me.

D'Evil Sam said...

I like Trashcanman.
Has a ring to it :)

Opaline said...

I've told you before that I distrust blogpoetry but this was just hahahahahahahaha grin grin grin.

Death On Two Legs said...

@Sam- Doesn't it? if it sounds poetic, it can't be ALL that demeaning, right? :P

@Opaline- Ooh, thank you! Btw, grin rhymes with Srin. Nevermind.

Opaline said...

Ofcourse, which is why I'm called Grin G when I'm very happy.

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