Monday, August 10, 2009

To Neutralise any Emoness I might have indulged in

Have you ever stared at the sweeping lines of your own body, felt the smoothness of your own skin, and thought- 'Wow, I'm beautiful!' ? It's not the kind of beauty one thinks of in context to lust or envy. It's the kind that all human beings are capable of realising- the beauty of living flesh and blood, of form, proportion and harmony. You know you have it when you’re happy just to be alive. Then, your clumsiest step is a challenge to gravity. You don’t sweat, but give off entrancingly musky odours. And each time you blink, you paint the world with fresh colours.

I wrote this last morning. Why can't I feel like this everyday? :(

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The Secret Keeper said...


Mer-curial-maiden said...

You can. :) Flowers and Vitamin C and Moongazing.

A Cameo said...

I like the titles you come up with.
Star gazing works too.

D'Evil Sam said...

Cocaine, LSD, HS Adrenochrome....take your pick. Personally I prefer Rum n' Beer or sleep. But thats just me :P

The Orange Cat said...

It usually happens to me on summer afternoons.

Death On Two Legs said...

@A Cameo- I've always felt they're too long and obnoxious, but they spill out so naturally, you know!

@Orange Cat- Winter afternoons, with the winter sunshine. Summer afternoons in Kolkata be too sticky-icky.