Friday, November 27, 2009

Not Random. Not product of boredom. Not sum wyrd shit im tryin out.

She's a nice person with no pretence,
Born with oodles of common sense.
A genuinely good girl- one of the best.
But when as a kid she travelled by train,
She yearned to yank the emergency chain.
Just like all the rest.


He was a normal man.
With a job ( he didn't hate.)
A family (he loved and was loved by.)
A hobby he was passionate about. (Painting.)
Above all, he was happy. (A fact worth noting.)

That changed the day
An astrologer told him
He would be famous after his death.

Sometimes you just know.
And then you remember the time
Some idiots claimed they knew.
How hellishly sure they were.
How that annoyed you to tears.

And then you think-
'Am I being one of them?'
And then you think-
'Of course not.'
'Yeah, I'm sure.'
'Well. I just know, y'know?'

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soin said...

but sometimes you just dont how to

Prince of Mirkwood said...

I like the first stanza a lot. I say you should've pulled the chain.

Safdar said...

you know, your about me.

its cock.

D'Evil Sam said...

Random is as random does and yanking the chain ain't random at all! :)

Tangled up in blue... said...

Yes, I'm one of them. I think sometimes you just know :D

rapunzel. said...

Aha. Just like all the rest. i like, much.

Deeptesh said...

Nice one.Easy going n conversational.Luved the matter-of-fact tone n the flow.

Ketan said...


Could understand both the pieces (about small girl and the man) individually, but not how they were connected! :)

Okay, I could connect the dilemma of the man about astrologer's confidence about the fate of his life, and how the prediction prevented him from enjoying the good things in his life, but I couldn't connect it with the little girl.

Could you please explain?

Take care.

Anushka said...

@Ketan- They Aren't connected :) I just wanted to post them all at once.

@Safdar- It's more cock than you think. It was with reference to Death on Two Legs. But since That has changed, it's completely redundant now. I will edit it sometime.

Deeptesh said...

Srijan Poetry Festival in Late January.If u want 2 read out urworks in front of noted poets like Joy Goswami, Srijato,et al...pls mail 3 of ur poems at wl let u know if u r selected.Mail b4 mid-December

Sroyon said...

"yearned to yank"
You thought of the phrase first and wrote the poem just to work it in, didn't you?

Anushka said...

I Could say yes. I want to. But unfortunately, no :P

blinknmiss said...

I like the second one mostest.

Clezevra said...

Ok, I am being majorly crazy. But initially I though the three were connected, but couldn't figure out how. So I though of some far fetched explanation about the girl pulling the chain smehow causing the man's death, along with some eery background of premonition.

workhard said...

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