Sunday, November 22, 2009

Ten, ten-tuh-ten.

Here are 10 universal truths. By universal, of course I mean my own personal opinion.

1. No matter how much you eat, there is always room for dessert.

2. Contrary to popular belief, I am not at all a curious person. But if you start on an enticing piece of gossip, you ought to abandon that phony demure-ethical aura and Finish It!

3. Did I say gossip? Make that 'dramatic news'. Gossip is a myth.

4. Singing Christmas Carols is a near-infallible route to happiness. Especially when Christmas is far-off.

5. The Beatles DO have a song for every mood. Every.

6. During pre-exam chaap, I wish I could go back to the times when fat was cute and exams were identifying colourful shapes. And when I didn't say things like- 'By the way, Byron was bi. Hey, I just punned. Sort of.'
But at the end of the day, this life's always good.

7. A good way of saving time in Winter is to take baths on alternate days. I swear I always smell fresh. I wouldn't try this tactic otherwise.

8. If you have to get lost, get lost inside a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig, soft, warm, fluffy blanket. It is like an alternate world inside there, I'm telling you.

9. Once people have crossed 5, they try very hard to reach 10. Go conformity! Go stereotypes! A toast to Round Figures! (And no pun intended here.)

10. If you have read a creepy story, do not envision its movie version in your head just before you go to sleep at night. Or do. But be prepared for the weirdest dreams in the world. I speak from experience. Possessed showers, mutant pigs in schoolbuses and serial killers all in one night aren't good for health.

P.S.- Recommended Reading: Haroun and the Sea of Stories, Short Stories by Truman Capote, poetry by Roger McGough and Carol Ann Duffy. They are keeping me alive.

P.P.S- Do people make lists because they have an innate desire for order, or because they like setting down thoughts at random? This is not one of those situations where you look indifferent and reply with 'Hmmm, profound' in a deep voice. I am genuinely intrigued.

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Reeju says... said...

ha ha....quite a thing this is

soin said...

1.its case of sand in the jar of stones..
5.beatles dont have a song for the i want to hear loud thrashing destructive mood..they can only put you to sleep.

Anushka said...

They have Yer Blues, Maxwells Silver Hammer, the chaotic moments of A Day in the Life, and Helter Skelter.

Agreed, most of their music isn't loud and thrashing to the EARS, but their lyrics often capture crazy violence quite effectively.
Consider songs like Run for Your Life and You Can't do That. They're so so subtly outrageous, they satisfy my destructive moods :)

soin said...

so ur destructive moods amount to a possessive guy telling his girl not to fuck someone else?? hmm..i prefer more destructive type of destructive thoughts that can really

Sugar Magnolia said...

When will skinny be cute, I ask you?

Answer to P.P.S (for me) is: Because whether one can write or not, one can always make lists :D It's a comforting thought.

The Girl With The Broken Smile said...

Good 1...i agree with u on the Beatles thing...though point number 7 isn't really an option 4 me!

Priyanka said...

I've always wondered whether the lead character of Caroline in the City was called Caroline Duffy for a reason.

Anushka said...

@Soin- You seem to have ignored the first 4 examples altogether. Let me add Revolution to the list.

And as for the 2 later ones, when you phrase it like that they may seem trivial. What I was getting at, is their combination of that deceptively happy tune, with those shameless lyrics, contribute to a grizzly kind of humour. Destructive isn't all about throwing chairs or slashing veins or wanting to blow up the world.

@Deboleena- Skinny IS cute! Don't you read the papers?

@Priyanka- I can totally believe that of you :D

Riddhi G.D said...

@ Debolina, Anushka- skinny is hot, and isn't that more than enough in our limited perfection obsessed media run society? Seriously, round figures have much to be said for em :(
@ Anushka- Simple answer. Lists are fun and provide endless opportunities for procrastination.

Kirra Serra said...

1- I call it 'netaji ki savari'; it finds a way alright.
7- Been there.
9- I did too. Clearly I was born an idiot.
10- I always do. I have had one with the Reaper in Hogwarts. In the dream I kept circling back to the Room of Requirements. Everybody else dies...

Tangled up in blue... said...

Carol Ann Duffy!!

Finally I meet someone who knows who she is!! :)

D'Evil Sam said...

What did the mutant pig look like?

Ketan said...

Enjoyed reading the post!

People make lists to prioritize, I think. There may or may not be an order in the list. But what a list means is that whatever finds on the list has some significance, given the context, and the degree to which those 'items' would've engaged the author's attention. Of course, there could be an 'intra-list', order, too! :)

Anushka said...

@Sam- It was a female. HUGE, in a bonnet and a frock with frilly layered skirts. I kid thee not.

D'Evil Sam said...

I believe you! Were you reading 17th century literature and listening to Animals before you went to bed?

P.S: What did you think of Freud's The Interpretation Of Dreams? Answer elsewhere :P