Sunday, November 8, 2009

Three Little Thoughts Went Out to Play

1.When my brother first started reading silently, he came to us, PATHETICALLY distressed. His reason? 'When I read silently, I can... I... I can *turns a shade paler*... hear a Voice in my head.'

2.Class 11, School trip to Kerala. Frst 48 hours of the journey spent cramped on a train. Some in critical condition for holding in their pee, just to stay away from the pocha public bathrooms.
Get off train. Get onto bus. Sit. Legs twitching to dance and hands itching to punch somebody. Camera getting tired of intellectually staged pictures and craving some genuine pretty scenery. Sit longer.
Suddenly the bus turns a bend, and Munnar hits us in all its glory. Explosions of fiery flowers on mountain slopes. A sudden chill in the air. GREEN! And MIST! AND clear sky!!
For a while we all go quiet. Even the cameras. And then Rukmini decides to say- 'Bhogobaan, tumi shotti God.'

3.In plus 2, we had a certain female in our class who I will refer to as Kamal. She was quite a character. Once, when IB was dictating Macbeth notes, Kamal was writing something Very Different in her own diary.
I suppose guilt gives off some kind of suspicious smell. Or transmits brainwaves. Because IB wasn't taken in for a moment. After throwing a couple of pointed glares in the required direction, she called Kamal upto her desk. And what happened next is proof that life Does have a sense of humour.
The diary was coloured yellow and shocking pink. And its cover just happened to scream the title- 'Hot Stuff.' IB looked at it, and merely asked- 'You're telling me you write Macbeth notes in a diary called.... Hot Stuff?' The little inflection in her voice when she came to Hot Stuff was remarkable. Like the arched eyebrow that kills all talk. The ultimate hair-flick. It glittered with triumph, sarcasm and amusement all at once.
Suddenly, EVERYBODY was laughing. It's only apt that on the last day, IB was made to present Kamal with a sash saying 'Miss Hot Stuff'.

3 random old memories. Don't know why they strike me now, or why I wanted to write about them. But what the hell, I did what I wanted and now I will go back to wondering what's there for dinner.

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Diwakar Sinha said...

the second one, 'Bhogoban tumi sotti God' :D...nothing truer than that!

Prince of Mirkwood said...

Beep beep! Kinda reminds me of road-runner. I always root for the coyote by the way:|

Velocitygirl said...

I Lau Piku.

Sugar Magnolia said...

I like blog makeover. Also, my mp3 player is called Hot Stuff :S

blinknmiss said...

@ Noor: Roadrunner says Meep Meep. Not beep.

And your brother sounds like such a shona.

Kirra Serra said...

"Hot Stuff"! :D

Death On Two Legs said...

@Noor- I didn't root for any of them. I did root for Scooby's team in the Laff-a-lympics.

@Sahana and Shalmi- I'm pretty fond of the bugger myself =D

@Deboleena and Kirra Serra- The term Does have a certain ring to it, eh? in fact there's s deesco number by that name.

reflections said...

mishtuuuuuu: i will never forget bhogoban tumi sotti god and hot stuff....i miss school, i miss all of you so badly!:(

Sroyon said...

While on the topic of meep, check this out.

Death On Two Legs said...

This is the singlemost ridiculous thing I've seen today. Obviously, I love it.

Thanks :D

Clezevra said...

Voice in one's head? That's worse than seeing the dead!

Arse Poetica. said...

Lovely blog,lovely post. Before you think my adjectives are limited- damnably interesting and fatally sparkling wit&writing style you have.

Sroyon said...

From Istanbul by Orhan Pamuk:
It was as if a machine had set itself up between the visual and cognitive parts of my brain to translate letters into syllables and sounds.
Pamuk devotes a whole chapter to "the reading machine inside my head." So your brother's not the only one who got spooked by it. :)

JD said...

See THIS is why I'm glad I went to a boys' school. None of the "Hot Stuff" "Ohmygawdmyboobslookbiggertoday" crap. :|

On a lighter note, niiice! :D

And and, the last line ("... and now I will go back to wondering what's there for dinner" <-- That one) is very Douglas Adams!

Anushka said...

@ JD- Nah, you just went 'ohmygodHERboobslookbigger today.' How much more elevated :D

@Sroyon- That's interesting actually! Must get started on Pahmuk.

@Arse Poetica- Thanks a ton :D

JD said...

:O There WERE no boobs to be looking at! Unless you count some men in, which I really don't want to :|

Anyway, I just realized this is a VERY nice idea for a series on my blog. If it gets through, you'll get the credit!

Priyanka said...

Anushka, I will pickle you. October two November one. What is this.