Thursday, November 26, 2009

When I was your Age.......

When I first found out that moonlight is just reflected sunshine at night, I was heartbroken. At that age, it was Very necessary for me to take sides. And what better opportunity for partiality than choosing between 2 celestial bodies? I was a moon-fan of course.

Glow without glare.
Romance- It's just so conducive to violins, whispers and lakes turning into mirrors. No, I was not an original kid.
A hint of undefinable mystery. (Thinking logically, it's pretty obvious where the mystery comes from. Stolen light must appear dubious to our inner psychics. I'm cool with that now of course. A little bit of stylish deception never did any harm.)

Simlarly, when I learnt that the right brain controls the left side of the body. I am a leftie. Being a minority ka bachha, I was for EVERYTHING left. Ganguly. Left-over food. Even communism. I wanted nothing to do with the damn right. It felt very cool. Made up somewhat for the lack of originality.
And then.
Cruel disillusionment.
The right controls the left!

Such trauma little me had to go through. No wonder I grew up to be so mature.

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soin said...

left over know what i broke my heart??that rajni kanth dint live inside the tv..a three year old put in a lot of effort and broke the tv by bringing it down..the thing broke but rajni dint come killed me then..later i broke a tube light but light dint come out of

Tangled up in blue... said...

to roll out my favourite excuse for everything, ignorance is bliss no?

Well atleast u dint have to go thru the whole "Santa Claus doesnt exist? Whaaaaa.." dramedy..and to misquote Sherry, if you go too far left you'll end up on the right. :D

Sherry Wasandi said...

Tch tch. Such intense forms of trauma.

It's strange how nothing of the sort ever happened to me. Since I was old enough to notice the moon, I was told that it reflected light off the sun. Same goes for the other instances.

The left-right crisis. Sure.

Velocitygirl said...

Eh chhi eto Emo-giri korbe na bolchhi.
I used to think change was money that the shopkeeper gave you by way of thanks, you know, because you bought his stuff. :-/

Riddhi G.D said...

Hee @velocitygirl's comment. What an idyllic lala land u lived in :D
@mishtu- surprisingly i never even considered the scientific aspect of moonlight. i just thought it was incredibly pretty. kinda self absorbed bachha chilam

deepteshpoetry said...

Beautifully written!True...funny how our conceptions change with time!May be we will laugh again if we look back at ourselves 10 yrs down the line!

But there's a magic about the lefties!Esp Ganguly!But then again, he is right-handed at evrything xcpt whn he bats.May be our sides should work in harmony n we shouldn't take sides while taking about sides.

PS:About my comment on ur last post, u can take the first reason.An unsuccessful poet n an unhappy husband...dsn't sound grt, rt?Got 2 give up something I guess.

Who cares about studying?U wl always come top d list, trust me.

deepteshpoetry said...

slight typos error...oops!too lazy 2 re-type it!

Anushka said...

@Soin- Heh. What's cute is how much you liked Rajnikanth in particular!

@TuiB- Ignorance is totaaal bliss. I took Santa's figurative death quite well actually. In fact, my mum was mad at my dad for telling me all about it!

@Sherry- Very intense, eh? :P Such poignance be hard to come by.

@Velocity- Tumi bujhle na. This is Mock-Emogiri. Dignified self-caricature. Quite another hellish cult. But on another note, AWWWWW :D

@RGD- Bachha bela gives you a right to be self-absorbed.

@Deeptesh- You're crazy, do you know?

Vikrant said...

the minority a bacha part is so true

Deeptesh said...

@ Anushka

Oma tai!I totally agree with u on that!

Ketan said...

Funny and interesting! Looks like, you've come out of your mental traumar by now!

Surprising, I have never had too many romantic conceptions, the scientific elucidation of which would leave me disheartened. :(