Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Life ij a hard

When I regularly see myself at the bottom of self-updating blogrolls, I know that the world is blogging hard.

P.S- There's a Sherlock Holmes movie coming up. It had better be good. Holmes was my Very first crush.

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Velocitygirl said...

There there.
My detective crush was however reserved for Feluda. I always felt like I could just find him at any street corner, but no.

Clezevra said...

I never uld develop a crush on Holmes. I loved him of course, but his cold rationality ensured it wa very very platonic admiration.

JD said...

Don't you think there's nobody in the world who deserves more to be Holmes than Hugh Laurie? I know there's many who think so, but the guy's just MADE for the role!

D'Evil Sam said...

Dr. House gets my vote. He is Holmes minus the gun and plus the sarcasm and the chronic pain.

P.S: I have doubts about the film. Law's Watson is going to end up outshining Downey Jr.'s Holmes :P

Anushka said...

@Sahana-HEY. Feluda is so crushable. I can't believe YOU thought so you :)
But I do remember you walking around with a copy of Ray's translated stories.

@Sam- I do like Downey Jr., he has a sesky voice and he's competent. But one can't have a Jude Law Watson! That would be like having a Jude Law Hastings! They're SUPPOSED to have a faintly kebla aura.

Just Another Name said...

This is just not any Holmes. It's Guy Ritchie's Holmes. Guy Ritchie - a director, whose trademarks involve snazzy editing and camerawork, intense acting, a constant sense of motion, a powerful musical score and FuckingAwesomeActionScenes.

This will be good.

Anushka said...

Somehow 'Guy Ritchie' keeps making me think of a mutant hubrid between Guy Fawkes and Lionel Ritchie. I'm sorry.

Prince of Mirkwood said...

Robert Downy Jr. actually had to bulk up for this role. I don't know what's gonna become of Holmes, but whatever it is, I'm gonna watch. And I'm gonna like.

D'Evil Sam said...

DJ is good and seriously better than most of the idiots running free out there. I do doubt his Brit-ness though and to top it off Law is a Brit to begin with. And I agree with you on the Law's Watson thingy.

@the Guy Ritchie fan
Ritchie is good. I LOVE his works but unfortunately he has made only 3 films and only 1 short that is worth it. His films and scripts are not 'central character' driven ones and as such I have doubts about him pulling off a Holmes film with as much panache as Snatch. But I'm just a cynic :P

Aditya said...

@D'Evil Sam
Guy Ritchie has made around 7 movies, if i remember correctly. The Hard Case, Lock Stock, Snatch., Revolver, RocknRolla, Swept Away. Holmes being the latest one.

True, that Snatch was a masterpiece. But i expect Holmes to better Snatch, as in there are not a multitude of characters and Ritchie has to keep the pace high, which i heard that he has. All eyes on Dec.25.

@Anushka - Guy Fawkes and Lionel Ritchie? and that too a mutant hybrid? :P

D'Evil Sam said...

Correction. I said 3 films and 1 short that is WORTH IT...not the total number of films that he has made.

soin said...

i wonder what the hindhi and regional version title will be.they usually crack you up.free