Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Men. Women. Love. Sex. And yes I'm totally trying to grab your attention.

1. Apart from India, (cos that's, you know, us) which region do you think has the hottest women? My vote goes to South America. It befuddles me how Latinas could have the most slender midriffs and the most delicious curves at the same time. And it irks me why they're allowed to.

2. This question I have found incredibly entertaining to spring on people. Especially when it's taken seriously- would you rather die a virgin or a teetotaler?

3. Can Germans make 'Ich Diebe Lich' sound romantic? No offense to them. Brilliant race. It's just that all their words have the feel of bullet-rain on a steel window-pane.

4. If women in the Victorian Age could be ‘handsome’, then were the men purty?

5. Why was the Bangla word 'meyechhele' ever meant to imply 'girl'? That's like calling your mother mababa. And your aunt mashimesho. And making women sound like wee-men. Total stupidity.

6. What if humans could switch genders like sea-cucumbers? Would homosexuality still be an issue?

7. (Courtesy Priyanka Kumar): Why and how do men make conversation while they pee together?

Ending with the above question does not mean I am a feminist.

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soin said...

1.agree. the spanish part of europe has equally hot ones.
2.the latter
6.it will be.and its confusing enough already.
7.why-coz its one place women cant come. how-ditto.add relief to that.

Priyanka said...

hello, it doesn't mean i'm one either. what an idea.

joey said...

I doubt the germans could.Partly because it means nothing at all.

Its Ich Liebe Dich,silly!

Deeptesh said...

hmmm...interesting.Your posts are always enjoyable as they make me think....n not along regular lines I must say.

Spin said...

"Ich Diebe Lich" does not exist. You may be thinking of "ich liebe dich", which also is grammatically incorrect. Ich liebe du. I love how German sounds.

D'Evil Sam said...

1. You forgot about Italians.
2. Only stillborns die virgins and if you can show me a 100 year old teetotaler, I'll show you a purple jackrabbit flossing his teeth.
3. Call me a Nazi and I'll say Ich lieb du and I WILL make it sound like 'ti amo'.
4. There was a lot of orientation confusion going on during the Victorian period. Look at Willy Shakes!
5. Languages are biased when it comes to women. Men are everywhere...even in Human.
6. Read up on Chevalier d'√Čon. It might answer your question :)
7. Its a different kind of multi-tasking. Pissing and talking are both controlled by the cerebral cortex and the central grey.

Safdar said...

i don't know about teetotaling and virginity, but i know youre gonna die without having carried out a conversation while peeing.

Velocitygirl said...

@ Spin, it's ich liebe dich, not ich liebe du. Contextually.
Anushka, come to a college hostel, even girls make conversation during peeing, bathing.. oh never mind, several other things.

Anushka said...

Sorry sorry, ich liebe dich. I knew that. Little bit dyslexic. Pardon me.

@Priyanka- Ofcourse it doesn't =D

@Spin- So do I. It's muchos cool. Just not romantic.

@Safdar- Is that such a bad thing?

@Sahana- Bathing is fine. But a LOT of things you're doing these days is creepy, I tell you!

The Orange Cat said...

1. Italian women, trust us men on this. Italians.
2. A teetotaler.
3. Why do you think they make such excellent bondage movies and novels? I can just about imagine Helga with a shovel and chains simpering "Komm Gibb Mere Deine Hand" or something to locked-up partner.
4. They were impotent.
5. Dunno.Better than calling someone "damsel"
6. Of course it would be. What do you think all the spots on the cucumber signify? The organs would change into tiny yellow circles and...
7. We just like talking when we're feeling relieved (pun intended)

Riddhi G.D said...

1. Shakira!
2. Teetotaler, i think most people would choose this, y'know. Though Vodka miss kortam.
3. I tried saying this aloud, didn't work even once. But there's a German version to the Beatles She loves you, and it goes She lieb dich yeah, yeah yeah. So they did it.
4. My thakuma says this a lot, initially I could never figure out what she meant!

Riddhi G.D said...

And yes, i agree with velocitygirl- we carry on conversations while bathing, peeing, facewashing, brushing. and very very very rarely, even taking a crap i suppose

The Girl With The Broken Smile said...

3.Can Germans make anything sound sexy??Leave it to the French and I betcha they can make even "Butt-faced miscreant" sound sexy!

Good post girl!

Anushka said...

@RGD- You'd be surprised how many people chose virgin. AAnd surprisingly, they were all men.
And as for 3. THEY DID? Must. Check. Out.

Riddhi G.D said...

@bhanga hashiwala meye- that's true but they also make it sound pansy
@mishtu- tch! men! i have no patience with them atm. they cant appreciate the finer things in life :p

workhard said...

HAHAHA.. very good perspective...rather questions..

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